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Hello everyone!!!!

So, big news!!!! I am part of a group show at M.A.D.S. gallery in Milan, Italy. Yess!!! I know!!!! I can't believe it!!! The show opens on April 23rd, 2021. It's digital so you can actually see everything online. My pieces "Then It Happened" and "Giant Strides" are being exhibited with so many beautiful artworks there. Here is the link if you would like to check it out:

There is a lot happening all at once but it's fantastic!! It's good to be busy doing something you love right?!! Recently, I was interviewed by Rashad Malik Davis from RaMalik Illustrations. I had such an amazing time!!! We spoke about the difficulties of transitioning into a full-time artist and accepting art as a full career. It's something I've struggled with and wanted since I was little. Here is the link to Rashad's website: . You can watch the interview on his instagram. It was an eye opening experience for me. We spend so much time in life feeling like we don't do enough to achieve our dreams without realizing all that we HAVE already accomplished. I am very proud of myself. I can openly and happily say that now!

Another thing I am working on is vlogging. I enjoy seeing vlogs by other artists. I think it's fantastic that they share their insight with everyone and what an artist spends entire days doing. I constantly get the same questions; so, why not start my own? I'm in the middle of making a schedule for it and a "Content map".. It's something I have to do otherwise I'm all over the place. Not that I'm not everywhere already, haha. I will keep you posted on all of that.

I am currently hosting a giveaway!!!! YES!!!! There are 3 paintings for the giveaway. I am posting the time-lapse videos of each piece on my Youtube channel. There is one up already. To enter, you have to like, subscribe and leave a comment "What is something you do to brighten your day?" The last day to enter is April 30th,2021 at 11:59pm. I am so excited to give these pieces away!!!

Ok, well, back to work for me. I hope you are enjoying these posts!!! Best wishes to you all! Stay happy, heaalthy and keep on shining!!!

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