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The Absolutely Uproarious Nature of Life

Hello all!!! It has indeed been quite some time since I've last written. I must say it has been a rollercoaster of time for me on this end. However, as we always do here, let us focus on the positives of such events. As of yet, I've had my first solo at Awakening NY in Port Jervis, NY. Yes!!!! I currently have 6 pieces on display there. More to come of course! I also am showing at the UpFront Exhibition Space. It's been such a lovely experience getting to know everyone there and meeting my new collectors. It's been going to wonderfully connecting with people that I ended up teaching a class!!!!! YES!!!! I taught alongside my lovely friend Jenn Rose Rodriguez, here is her Instagram: @jennroseart. From that stemmed my upcoming course! I know right?! What what?! Great things happen all at once I supposed. As you know, when it comes to creating I believe there is a greater connection with nature and art. So in my course, we will be taking advantage of that. I cannot wait to see what everyone creates!!

A fun event I decided to host was an ART BATTLE!!! Each artist had 4 hours to complete a painting inspired by a picture I chose. The amount of control I had was way too enjoyable lol.

Everyone did so amazingly well. I'm so proud of each artist!!! It was everyone's first time doing it!!! We had a winner!!! Chris Lu won a spot in the next exhibition space at UpFront. Here is his instagram: @this.flesh I cannot wait to see all of his pieces!!!!

I have been exploring more with my work. This mainly means using those pesky colors I'm not a fan of. I must say though, they're all so beautiful. It was so hard to stop painting after I started. I did add some of my usuals in this piece but LOOK at all of these warm tones?! Like what?!! That was me lol. This piece is called "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" ... sort of refers to the movie but more so to the poem. A clouded mind in you like. If you are interested in this piece it is available at UpFront Exhibition Space.

To add to recent events, I painted a bear!!! Not a live bear lol I don't think I could ever do that honestly but a fake bear statue for the Black Bear Film Festival in Milford, PA. That was soooo much fun!!! Here is a photo of it. I chose predator and prey becoming friends. It's currently at the Pride Center there.

Right side of the bear

Left side of the bear

Now, that's all just a quick summary of what's been going on! I'm so excited about all of the new opportunities that have come into play. When you're an artist, you spend A LOT of time alone. While there is nothing wrong with that, sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to find a group of friends that fully "get you" and not think you're overly poetic when you see something that inspires you haha.

I do know, however, when you do find people that you connect with it's incredibly special. In the words of Jane Fonda "Be very deliberate with those you keep around you." In which, I would like to introduce you to the new family member and studio mate Pippin!! He has been the one keeping me on my toes as of late lol. He's a very happy fellow who (if you know Pippin) tends to be the mischievous one. It was the perfect name for him haha.

On that note, I am off to create some artwork. If you are interested in any of my new pieces or in the class please don't hesitate to contact me! Down below is my poster or you can go to "The Art Adventurist" tab on my website. Until the next blog post my friends!!!

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You are very talented artist with enormous amount of sensitivity and compassion. I am a fortunate owner of one of your artwork and makes my heart happy to connect with this painting every time I look at it.

It is an honor to know you . Thank you for hosting our painting workshop at Awakening and for exposing your beautiful pieces at our space.

Me gusta
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