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What Does Change Even Mean?

Hello all!!!

I hope you are enjoying that much needed air conditioning during this immense heatwave. I've spent this time studying my own art and getting back down to basics. That means color studies, figure drawings, still life studies and all things basic. It's much needed practice for me!!! Trying to really hone in on my aesthetic is a big continuous practice as an artist. Honestly, you do not realize how quickly you become "rusty" at the most basic things. Hence the reason I did the 100 eyes challenge. Yes!!! I did it!!!

In my next Youtube video, I paint the 100th eye. I'm so proud of how it came out and it's amazing how quickly your skills develop with practice. Am I right? Do you feel as if you need to improve your skills? Or are you content? I like to challenge myself sometimes. Just to keep things fresh you know?

I recently made a post about my Revelation series after having a conversation with someone about them. As you all know, i minored in classical studies so I have a strong interest in etymology (remembering the things is the issue 😂 ). All of my paintings are synonyms for "Change" and or the latin or germanic roots of particular words. Now, this brought up a really important topic. Change.... what is change? I realized that change is looked at in two ways. One, change for others and two, change BECAUSE of others. No... no... no... that's not at all what I intended to portray in my paintings. When I say change I mean become YOU. Who are YOU? That's the question. Change is experiencing epiphany.. EUREKA!!! I want you to feel inspired, I want you to be proud and feel your strength and power. In these trying times it can be difficult to put make some self-love time but I promise you that if you don't love yourself, neither will anyone else. We tend to attract things to ourselves, even the negative ones. So, you.. are VERY important. You are a high priority. I you would like to see the post, head over to "Lightworkers Central" on Facebook: It's a very lovely group!!! So many amazing people and stories ❤️👌🏼.

Anyway, I have another show in MADS gallery in Milan coming up in November. I really need to get to work on those three pieces ASAP!!! I'm so excited about it! The show is called Hysteria. Yessssss... you know my love for classical studies so this one was sooo much fun to fully research. Love me some research. Stay tuned for those pieces. I will, also, finished my painting "Metamorphosis" FINALLY. That one was a hard one for me. I learned so much from that painting. I used colors I don't normally use and it was an interesting process of combining my style/process with a new color palette and still integrating it with my normal palette in a subtle way. I'm so very proud of it. It's quite fitting with today's topic as well lol.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for your continued support!

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