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The Passed Time

Over a year has passed since my last post. Boy, has it been a busy one!! I made a move to Pennsylvania. That took a bulk of my time. Thanks to the move I was able to look at ALL of the artwork I created. In doing this I realized I had a problem. You see, I've working in an art supply store for a few years and at the beginning of that I was an art student. Most of my time was about experimentation and testing all of these new products. That was the best part about the job (of course, after geeking out with many customers about how awesome art and it's accompanying tools are, heehee). I realized that I didn't exactly "know" who I am. My paintings, to me, looked like they were all done by different hands. I had a problem. Granted, I am aware that different mediums do different things. However, if you looked at Hoppers drawings and painting you knew they were his. If you stared at Van Gogh's sketches and completed works you knew he created them. If you gazed at DaVinci's masterpieces, even the unfinished ones, you knew he was the master behind the madness. So, although this is completely selfish, I totally wanted that.

After my collaborative show "The Essence of Beauty," I decided to take a cold hard look into my mind and figure out exactly what I wanted to say to the world. What did I want to share? Who am I portraying onto the picture plane for all to see? I entered this mentor-ship program at Milan Institute. Currently, I am still attending but I will definitely tell you all, this program is absolutely NOOOOO JOKE. I've learned more than I could ever possibly learn in such a short amount of time. I should know, I was a college student for 6 years. Most importantly, I learned even more about myself. I learned about what I gravitate to and why. Do you want to know something unbelievable? Not one school taught me that there is a difference between art we love (enough to buy for our own homes) and art you were meant to create. Yea, the sham of a college career did not teach me a fundamental part of being an artist. who knew? Like I said, I've been learning an insurmountable amount in this class. I couldn't be more grateful to the Dafni Milan for being my coach and mentor.

On another note, I am back to my Tolkien pieces. Yes!!! Gosh how I've missed him. The saddest news was finding out about Christopher Tolkien's passing. If it weren't for him, all these beautiful and amazing stories would've remained hidden. I was soo inspired to keep the series going.


As most know, Christopher Tolkien was no fan to the films inspired by his father's literary works. He viewed the films as taking the value from the source. In a way, he is right, people today would prefer to watch something rather than read it but I also think there is something to be said for imitation. Imitation is the truest form of flattery. I think many people after seeing the film realized there was a series of books and wanted to know more about them and the original creator. Then amazing things like, seeing Tolkien's original sketches, writings, maps, and language building in a museum is a gift to us all. Yes, I did have the opportunity to go because it was my birthday. (I have the best husband in the world, haha!). From that exhibition, my own husband understood why I fell in love with Middle-Earth and decided to obsess and research with me. So, for me, Peter Jackson sparked more curiosity. I really hope Christopher Tolkien is up there and somehow hearing what I'm writing because maybe he could be at peace. Not that I knew the man but thoughts can carry.

Please excuse my ramble, lol. Can you tell I'm a fan?

Adding to recent events, my husband and I have launched a new Youtube channel. It's a combination of gaming, art and music. It's a little window into a house full of creatives. I'm including my cats in that because Escobar's laziness amazes me. Not even kidding.


The channel is called "Hanging with the Hams" and I will be adding my process on painting the Tolkien pieces on there. If you could check us out, that would be fantastic!!! As always, I do post regularly on my social media page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope you all have had a wonderful entrance into 2020. Best wishes to you all. Talk to you soon!

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