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Pure Aesthetic

Hello there dear friends!!!

I hope you are all keeping safe, healthy and happy. Despite the chaos outside your front door.

All is well and busy at the Kat M Fine Art studio. I've been focusing a great deal of my time on what the perfect "creative" space means. A few things I need to nail down before completing this huge task.

  1. Declutter.. Marie Kondo come to the rescue!!!

  2. Storage... holy smokes is this much needed in my tiny apartment

  3. Most importantly, what inspires me?!! What makes me get up from a lovely slumber to create?

There is a lot more but these are the main points to stick with. You know, going through my old sketchbooks, old art and terrible art has really help me gain some of the insight I was searching for. I was always the type of artist that never saw the "style" or "connection" of all of my paintings. To me, they always looked like they were done by many artists instead of just one. Frankly, I still see that but now I understand what I REALLY gravitate to versus what is popular or asked of me to create.

For instance, my insane obsession with natural elements in my work. I love nature, I love plants but for those who have known me for quite sometime, what stops me from packing up and living in that cabin in the woods is the infernal amount of BUGS.. yes.. yuck!!!! I strongly dislike bugs. I don't mind them being in the their own corners but they multiply 10 times faster than other things and crawl everywhere!! Disgusting!! Sorry to all those entomologists. Anyway, yes, nature and the amazing things it does. Then I started to think of "WHY?" What about it do I love? What about it inspires me? Ladies and gentlemen , the day I planned out to organize because the day I sat with a notebook and a bunch of beverages and snacks.

As silly as this is, I am beyond grateful for that day. I am elated about the big strides I've taken with my journey of self-discovery. One big thing to understand about this is that it is an ongoing task. You don't just hit a big "YES" sign and that's it!! You keep going because time continues and so will your wants, needs and thoughts. There is NOTHING wrong with that! We are human. Time changes everything, including the way we think,

I hope I can inspired you to start your journey. I hope you also don't get easily distracted as I do, haha.

Please be kind to yourself. You are one being in a big world of wonders!!

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