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HELLO ALL!!! My name is Kat, I'm the artist behind Kat M Fine Art. Welcome to my website and art life. I'm starting this blog in hopes of helping other artists who are struggling to get out there like me. One of the many steps I have started to take is studying... Studying like nobody's business. I have chosen to paint stories I've heard or experienced in my daily life. That means studying EVERYTHING!! I'm not going to lie.. it's a tall order to fill but the main reason for this is because there is inspiration everywhere and our world is soo beautiful. Why not try to show that doing what I love?

One of the biggest "stories" that have influenced my love is the works of J.R.R Tolkien. Of course, his work has changed the life of many (i.e Peter Jackson) but for me he made me pay attention to everything and everyone. The places throughout the book made me dream (sometimes daydream during class). Therefore, one of the series of paintings I'm working on is a Tolkien inspired walk through Middle-Earth.

Another series I've been working on for a few years in a collection of Muses. I graduated with a minor in Classical Studies to feed my obsession with mythology. My paintings such as "Aglaea," "Thalia," and "Namaka," are part of this collection. Women were looked at so negatively, so, I want to make them so irresistible to the eye.

Working on both of these series at the same time have proven to be challenging because they both take a different types of thinking. A lot of emotion goes into both, yes, however, they're require COMPLETELY different color schemes and planning and the messages from both are going in different directions. Tolkien's pieces are about adventure and hope whilst the Muses are about lust, attraction and inspiration. Different beasts indeed but I am enjoying every minute of it.

Here is to a great art year and I hope we can all help each other through this journey! Thanks for joining me!!

yes, I'm wearing sunflower overalls

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