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Updated: Feb 4, 2021

To sell or not to sell.. that is the question..

Recently, pieces from my Muses series sold. I'm very happy they have found new homes and they can be loved as much as they were here. However, I am working on a series after all. Is it right to sell a painting whilst trying to complete a series?

I'm sure there is a whole talk, forum or article about this but, in my current artist state, I think I wouldn't be able to say no to selling a piece because it does provide the funds to create more of them. For instance, my painting "Thalia," was one of the pieces that started this whole series but she is now residing in a new home. After that, I can now create another piece in her stead.

I also, greatly believe that this subject/series is sooo broad that it could be an ongoing series. There are so many stories and so many myths that I can continue to create into my old age and still only scrape the surface. That to me is amazing!!! What do you all think?

She started a world-wind of ideas!!

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