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I Love You Tolkien

As a total dork, I fully admit I go gaga over Lord of the Rings. I'm lucky I am not rich because I would have a plethora of memorabilia and probably an exact replica of Peter Jackson's version of Lothlorien as a home. My husband wouldn't argue either, haha. So, the next best thing is painting these amazing imaginative places I have read and dreamt about my whole life.

Now, with these paintings, I want to add so much emotion and, for the lack of a better word, gravitas to each structure. Many feelings gather from knowing of the origins and life that happens there, so why would I want to eliminate that? In completing "Bagend" I knew that I couldn't just leave it stagnant. A hobbit lives there with his nephew and lots of flowers grow along the front and a very large tree breathes and moves on top of the home of this love. Indeed, I did take into account that most would want to see a Peter Jackson replica, however, I wanted to appreciate both Tolkien and Jackson's vision with incorporating my own as well, even if that meant just my brushstrokes. I've added an image of this piece below so you can take a look if you haven't seen them on my social media pages already.

Currently, there are 20 paintings to complete but on my easel (and around it) there are 3 in the works. My technique is a bit different and I love painting. I mean I fully appreciate the medium, the texture, the movement and even the smell. I wanted to make sure everyone knew this was hand painted and see the work and feel my gratitude for the story in these pieces. Hence the reason they are taking so long to complete.

Let's see what I get to finish this week!! I will be posting progress photos on social media.

Bagend by Kat Hamilton

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