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The Inspiring Moment

Hello all!!!

I hope you're all doing well at this stressful point in time. I decided to take the leap and FINALLY post a video on Youtube showing my ENTIRE painting process. Yes, the secret is out.. HAHA. This was very difficult for me. I may be a methodical and particular painter, I'm also a chaotically violent one (towards my painting picture plane of course, pffttt..). It's hard for me to keep recording and not knock into that camera. I get paint EVERYWHERE and I enjoy doing that.

Nonetheless, I felt like it was time for this painting. I felt like I NEEDED to paint this painting. Not just for myself but for many people. I'm considered an essential worker, so, I deal with people all day. I CANNOT tell you how freaked out people are. I find myself being surrounded by a ground of answer seekers whilst trying to calm the tower of questions. I am not.. I repeat.. NOT a medical professional. I am someone who depends and READS of the facts of the COVID-19 and try to share what I know. I'm pretty sure I could get in trouble for calming people down but I'd rather get fired for doing something that helps others than something completely ridiculous. So, this painting meant a lot more than I could even imagine. I feel so proud of myself for doing this (both video and painting). I really hope you get that sense of overcoming this harsh hurdle. Best wishes to you all and if you would like to check out the video, here is the link:

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