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Fears of Today

Hello ALL!!

As you may know there is this chaos with the coronavirus pandemic and a full moon this week. So, you can only imagine what has been going on in my neck of the woods. Now, I know this virus is spreading like crazy but we should not be getting hysterical. The only fear I have is for the elderly and those with respiratory, heart and debilitating diseases. So please, stop buying all of the toilet paper in the world and leave it for those who absolutely need to stay home. This is a hectic time and the media does not spread the truth about this. The news just wants ratings and magazines want to attract with headlines. Please be thoughtful and kind to each other. We need to gain knowledge of the facts and stop believing the nonsense.

Ok, after my small rant, I would like to take this time and say, boy has it been a busy month!!! I am part of a show with Above Art Studios in New Brunswick, NJ. I didn't make it to the reception due to a prior engagement but in dropping off my pieces I got a sneak peak of the other paintings there and holy smokes, I can't believe I'm part of this show!!!! Such beautiful and I mean BEAUTIFUL paintings. I suspect you can see some on their website.

I love group shows. I get to be part of this huge family of creatives. It reminds me of the Paleolithic times in an odd way. The way of communicating is through art. You get to meet and "know" a person by what they paint and it's so wonderful. People, when they are face-to-face, never really take the time to know each others' true "temperament." For instance, when meeting me, I'm usually overly concerned for you. Why? No idea.. I'm quiet and want to hear YOU. When I'm painting, I want BOLDNESS and strokes. I want to strike you and catch your eye. I want you to have questions and feel like you're looking through a window into another world. So yes, I'm a contradiction of myself. Therefore, being a part of group shows teaches me more about others. I get to see what the other artist feels and what they "think" of. It never ceases to amaze me.

Whoa, I went a bit deep there. HAHA... Anyway,I'm considering doing an IGTV stream of me painting. Mind as well use my time wisely lol. I'm working on about 7 paintings at once currently. Yes, I do have a full-time job and paint when I can. I'm a very busy woman 🏃‍♀️. Now, it's time to get back to the easel. I hope you are all well and remember take care of each other. We are all we got!!!

P.S. Yes, my photo is of one my Sims characters. I will, also, be dong a painting inspired by hers lol.

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