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How Times Have Changed

Hi everyone!!!!

I know it's been quite some time since I've written a blog. Trust me I've been working hard!!! I completed the Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute!!! Yes!!! One whole year!!! I learned so much and I can't express enough how grateful I am. The entire experience was eye-opening and it made me realize a great deal about who I am. Not just as an artist but as a person.The course gave me the confidence that has been laying dormant for a long time. I decided to start my own YouTube channel. It was a huge step. I knew how much work was involved but completely underestimated it, haha. Thus far, I've been doing sketchbook sessions and showing clips of works in progress.

Additionally, I've stayed more active on instagram and opened up a Tiktok. I'm only 30 but I will say, I was sitting there spending hours trying to figure out what the buttons do and why the heck do you have two of them going to the same link. Yea, it was a complete "face-palm" day. It reminded of me of when I was teaching my grandmother on using instagram lol.

I've also added two other series onto my "To-Do" list. They are more about my growth through the course and what I truly believe in. I do want to add that the course wasn't (and isn't) the only culprit to my evolution, Tolkien has a huge part in it. I am still in the midst of the books and boy, do I wish the hobbits showed up to bring me some of their fine furniture and blue cheese for elvensies. I have a lot more books to go. In this household, it's a constant flip from Tolkien to Star Wars. I must admit, it's lovely lol.

Adding to the updates, my website will be under construction for a bit. My previous blog posts will be reposted as there is no way to keep them during this revamp. I do not have an exact date but I'm hoping everything will be done by the 15th. The big news is I will be hosting a sale on my Etsy shop in honor of my birthday!!!! Please use code: "ANOTHERYEAR" to get 40% everything in my shop starting February 6th. There will be more added to the shop as well.

Yes, a great deal happening on this end!! I can't thank you enough for bearing with me during this hard time. It hasn't been easy but we will get through it all. We are strong, passionate and loving humans. I believe we will overcome anything together.

I will keep you all posted on upcoming events!!

Best wishes dear friends!

P.S. Below is my painting "Then it Happened".. the first of the Revelations Series.

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